Happy Hour

Traditional Mexican dishes and flavors, sourced from family recipes that originated in Mexican states from The Gulf, to The Pacific, are not only the inspiration–they’ll be the rule. Committed to honoring Mexican tradition, ours is a San Francisco-based Mexican restaurant, thought about in a different way.

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Happy Hour 3-6 PM


Totopos 3
tortilla chips & molcajete salasa 

Guacamole 8
red onion, cilantro, tomato, cotija cheese

Frjolitos Ahumados 5
black beans, smoked creama, huitlacoche, tostadas

Quesadillas Fritas 6
fried quesadilla oaxaca cheese and poblano pepper avocado tomatillo salsa

Tacos Dorados 6
crispy potato and chorizo taquitos, lettucce, queso fresco, avocado-tomatilla salsa

Tacos 3 each
Pollo Pibil
Pescado add $2

Margarita Classica 7/27
tequila, lime, agave (by the glass or pitcher)

Tres Amigos 9
1oz shot of blanco tequila + sangrita, + pacifico

Michelada 6
lime, chili, salt, draft beer

Pacifico 4

Negra Modelo 4

Racer 5 IPA 5

Tiburon Blonde 5